January 2017

Winner At Tables, Loser On Taxes –Attorneys’ Tips To Gamblers

So many people every year decide to visit places like Reno, Los Angeles and Las Vegas. What do all these places in common? Well, apart for being three cities of the US, these places share a common feature: they have superb and luxury land based casinos that attract numerous tourists and visitors from all edges of this world.

Undoubtedly, Las Vegas is the most popular of the three, thanks to its Strip and to the many land based venues placed all in a row. Tourists seem to love this particular feature of Las Vegas very much and, at some point, either they visit Las Vegas for fun or for gambling, it’s unavoidable to enter a casino and start to play games!

taxationJust A Matter Of Luck…

Now, some gamblers seem to be enough lucky to win casino rewards overnights. But being lucky at table games does not mean that Lady Lucky will still want to accompany you all through your next steps. What are the next steps, probably collecting the winnings? Not really, we do mean the IRS!

In the US a very large number of casino winners seem to have less good luck when it comes to taxes. This is a datum that American attorneys are monitoring in the recent times, also in consideration of the fact that gambling is currently having a large and strong expansion. Specialized attorneys say that from casino winnings a range of problems may also come out:

  • Over taxation due to the amount of won money at gambling
  • Tax deductions: if the amount of won money overcomes a fixed line, the winner may lose all rights to receive tax deductions
  • Exemptions, for the above mentioned reasons, winners may also lose all the exemptions they used to have right to
  • Even social security and medical benefits may go lost after a consistent casino winning

Small Casino Winning Is More RealisticCasino 1 online gaming

You may think that a casino winner has little or nothing to be proud of after winning at casino games. Well, attorneys who are specialized in taxation, actually, say that there are numerous aspects that gamblers should consider before to enter a casino.

Probably, very large casino rewards are the worst types of casino winnings: they come up and re-design the entire taxation pattern.

It would be more realistic to deal with small casino winnings – in this regard, online casinos seem to offer more practical winnings, avoiding gamblers to win stratospheric amounts of money.

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