May 2017

Someone Hired A Locksmith To Open My Front Door!

Did you ever fear that one of your neighbors or someone you do not have the best relationship with could hire a locksmith to open your front door and get inside your Home locksmith serviceshouse? Would you say you have enemies, or people who do not like you in particular? Do you think they would ever take any physical action against you?

You Don't Feel Safe?

One of the main reasons why most people have their locks re-keyed is because they are afraid that someone could have gotten their hands on a key to their home. And there are, of course, the less fortunate ones who have already fallen victim to an act of burglary or vandalism. If you currently suspect that someone might have laid their hands on one of your keys, it is imperative to re-key your home. Below you will find more reasons why you should seriously consider hiring an authorized locksmith to have your locks re-keyed. But what happens if someone calls a locksmith and asks them to change a lock on a door, pretending they are the owners when they are not?

Why Have Your Locks Re-keyed?

  • For starters, if you have moved into a new home, chances are the old owners, babysitters, gardeners, or contractors can still gain access to your home via keys they held on to, or thanks to their lock-box keys. It is therefore critical to find a trustworthy locksmith for homes or offices and ask them to have your locks re-keyed prior to moving in, if possible.

  • You never know when someone might easily get inside your home using an old key and take off with your laptop or cash, or steal confidential business data.

  • If you had one of your home or office keys stolen or misplaced recently, it is also necessary to hire a locksmith for re-keying purposes.

  • If you have lost control on your keys or you plan of expanding your locking system, or you simply do not feel safe anymore and you would like to freshen up security around the house or commercial space, go ahead and re-key your locks.

  • There are times when competitors will break into an office and call a locksmith and ask them to open the safe containing business secrets. Locksmiths who are experienced and trustworthy should always ask for IDs and proof of ownership before performing any task. If they suspect they have received a weird request, they should immediately call the authorities and ask them to sort things out.

  • If your home has been burglarized and your entryway lock has been professionally picked by an unsuspecting locksmith under the command of an unauthorized person, it is possible to file a lawsuit against the locksmith company as well. It is a locksmith's duty to ask for an ID; if they do not receive one for various reasons, they should refuse to complete the job. If they are given a fake ID, on the other hand, the locksmiths will have no way of knowing they have been scammed. But they might help you find the burglars faster, as they have seen their face.

  • However, most burglars will want to avoid causing a scene, calling a locksmith and waiting for at least half an hour for them to arrive and risk being seen by your neighbors. Make sure you have sturdy deadbolt locks that are hard to pick on the front door and preferably a home alarm system that sends alerts to your phone or laptop.