February 2016

Are Your Employees Stealing Company Documents?

Picture this: you are the manager of a department or you are running an entire company. You find out that one of your employees has been downloading hundreds of confidential documents, including financial information, directing everything to their personal e-mail addresses. What would your reaction be? The sad truth is these things happen, and they happen more often than you might think. It is therefore necessary to gave a good action plan that can keep your company safe against whistleblowers. High levels of security can be obtained with the help of experts whose job revolves around assessing and strengthening security for commercial clients. They can be either security companies or commercial locksmiths.

What Should You Do If Documents Get Stolen?

If you currently suspect one or several of your employees might be stealing, you need to initiate an investigation addressing the activities of the respective employees. And you need to do it straight away. Once you have reviewed all the information that has been stolen from you, you should determine whether the info was already made available to the public, or if it is considered trade secret.

Moreover, find out if there are any copies of the respective documents. Find out exactly what sort of violations your employees have broken. Do you have any previous history of similar violations?

Get in touch with an IT security expert or talk to your IT department and have them evaluate the data that has been breached, find out exactly what documents have been copied. Hold on to the electronic evidence. Should you later on decide to file a lawsuit against your employees, you should be able to use all the evidence that you have. You may decide to suspend the employee, or terminate their contract. Keep in mind having all the written documentation that proves the reasoning behind your decision is a must.

You could consider various forms of civil legal theories such as conversion, breaches of trust of loyalty, claims, or Computer Fraud violation.

How To Prevent More Breaches?Office Locksmiths

Have the IT security departure work on new and improved anti-breach measures. Talk to authorized office locksmith companies and have them assess your current locks on doors and windows, including interior office locks. Fix or replace anything that needs fixing and consider heavy duty key locks. Use a better ey management system and have a locksmith cut master keys that hand them over to the most trustworthy of employees.

Surveillance systems on the hallways and above workstations in cubicles should also discourage potential whistleblowers looking to make money selling your company's secrets. Once employees know they are watched over, they will have second thoughts about trying to do illegal potentially illegal things.

Keyless, touchpad locks that can tell you the date, time, and person who has entered the building or the server room should replace key locks. Door barriers that feature high-security padlocks can resists bolt cutters and drills, so they are highly advisable.

All electronic access doors need to have secure key bypass. Do not ignore the restrooms; they should be secured with the help of high-security locks, and only employees should be granted keys.