February 2016

Covering Legal Costs

Get legal help when you need it

There are plenty of law firms out there that offer a variety of services. Whatever your legal trouble, whatever legal services you require to help set up a business or otherwise protect your assets, you can find a reputable company to lend a hand.

What it all Costs

Of course no matter the legal purposes for which you employ a new law firm, you will undergo a serious bill. The cost for legal services is contingent upon the severity and what all the individual has to do. For example, if you need something rather remedial, paperwork for establishing a company, this can be very cheap because it is so common that a legal assistant can do it and most of the time they simply have boilerplate templates that they can send to you. Someone who is a legal assistant or paralegal will charge only one or $200 an hour for such services. Of course if you need the services of the head lawyer on the team, it will cost significantly more, upwards of $500 per hour for someone who is highly qualified. If you have a very unique case, something that’s cannot be handed off or delegated to another member of the staff, then you will see a much higher bill.

Paying for legal fees

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