February 2016

Breaking And Entering: Forcible Entry And No Force

The legal definition of breaking and entering is the unlawful entry of a property in order to commit theft or an act of felony. These acts of burglary can be either forcible entries or unlawful entries without the use of force. We are going to discus both cases within these next few lines.

What Are Forcible Entry Burglaries?Security against burglaries

All offences that are done with the use of force in order to enter a structure are classified as burglary – forcible entry by the law. The purpose of the intrusion is that of committing a theft or felony. Thieves can break windows or doors, and use tools like lock picks, skeleton keys, or unauthorized keys to do it. They can also force ventilators or cut walls and rooftops to make their way inside a property.

There is also the example of burglars hiding inside a store or an office building, and exiting the property after stealing something or committing an act of felony. A property criminal could hide in a movie theater, wait until it closes and steal cash register money. They could exit the perimeter without being noticed. It is also possible for thieves to put their hands on keys unlocking doors inside apartment buildings and burglarize them.

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What Are Unlawful Entry Burglaries?

Burglars committing an act of an unlawful entry burglary rely on doors or windows that have been left unlocked. In order to prove the fact that an act of unlawful entry has been committed, attorneys need to clearly identify the element of trespassing. Open or unlocked homes, garages, apartments, or warehouses that are being burglarized are all part of these structures.

There are lots of cases of people mowing their lawn or hanging clothes in the backyard who had precious items stolen from them by someone who used the unlocked front door to enter. Another strategy is to pretend to be working for a maintenance or repair service, enter an office that has been left unlocked, and steal items from them. Law agencies are asked to identify and report most cases of forcible entry and unlawful entry without the use of force within the same incident. An offense can be reported in several categories at the same time.